The deal with blackjack dealers

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The deal with blackjack dealers

August 29, 2018 Gambling 0

All dressed-up and overflowing with confidence, Blackjack croupiers stand at the standings of each Blackjack table. They are the moderators of the game. Their spelling expertise makes any difference on the success and failure of your game. Therefore, it pays to work with them.

Casino operators generally encourage croupiers to bag a couple of tricks and frauds. In an environment where money is everything, they must make sure they have the upper hand. If you had closely kept an eye on how each game progress, you probably noticed that after each of the first fifteen minutes of the game, everyone starts to lose. You start wondering off why your luck suddenly went when a couple of games earlier than you were doing really well.

Blackjack could be a game of chance but if you put your fate on the dealer’s hands it is likely you are heading towards a losing streak.

With a hand sleight, the dealers can maneuver cards on the whim. Most tricks involve dealing with cards other than the one on top. The most common “deals with seconds” that maneuver the card second from the top. Variations include “dealing with funds, thirds or quarters”.

Dealers can also try to arrange and rearrange the cards while they are scrambled or caught. Some dealers may hide aces, face cards or ten in a shoe. Each imaginable turn will be used by the dealer at your expense.

It may be impossible to stop dealers from cheating but there are a few things you can do. Although bowling is not generally practiced, you can give out a small amount from time to time or you can increase your bets when you are likely to win. Treat the dealer friend by talking to him on a more personal level. Give joking outside. Nothing beats true kindness and generosity.

The moment you notice that the dealer’s step seems to have gone faster than a speeding ball, slow it down. Do not be intimidated. Just let him know that his step is too fast for you. You are the customer and it’s your money they are after.

Expert Blackjack players suggest reading the dealer’s facial expressions and reactions especially when he looks at his hoof card. It helps when one can determine when the dealer might have a ten, an ace or some of the face cards. A face sullen means that he usually has a blackjack. When he puts his hands away from his cards, he means he has got good cards and will not hit any time soon.

The dealers are here to help you with the game. They help you earn cash, but if they turn nasty they can also empty your wallet in no time. Do not let this happen. Learn the tricks they use and use them to your advantage.

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